Hi there! Below is the registration for the Cupcakes 'n Code workshop at Gum Spring Library on Saturday, May 27th from 1-2pm.
What is your daughter's first name? *

What is your daughter's last name? *

What grade is {{answer_QYAx}} in? *

Please provide a parent email. We will use this to send out important information closer to the event date. *

Since we are providing cupcakes for this event, does {{answer_QYAx}} have any allergies? if so, please list.

Do you give permission for {{answer_QYAx}} to be photographed or interviewed for our project? We will send all pictures and videos to the email provided above.

Thank you so much for completing the Cupcakes 'n Code registration! Hope to see you at our event on May. 20th from 1-2pm at Gum Spring Library!

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